Escape on Sale Now!

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Escape, the novella, is now on sale.

Get it right here at the website (paperback purchase includes eBook in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf format or simply grab the eBook)

Paperback 7.99

eBook .99

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The government lied.

A UFO did, in fact, crash land in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947. Quickly intercepted by the US military, the unidentified flying object and its occupants were whisked away to secret installations.

In 1985, after almost forty years of research, a successful splice of alien and human DNA is achieved.

Raised as a lab experiment that the military hoped to be a “super-soldier,” Omega, trained in combat, educated strenuously, becomes the main component in General “Anvil” Hendricks elite military unit assigned to Phantom Base in Adaven, New Mexico. General Hendricks, a three-star general, believes the Omega Project will be the key to his elusive fourth star.

After a perilous first mission, the program is suspended, the plug pulled…

…if it were only that easy

After all, who said heroes had to be human?

Escape, Book 1 of Omega: Earth’s Hero, by Keith Latch, a novella serial based on the 1950’s pulp novels and Saturday afternoon matinees at the cinema of science fiction adventure, is the first in a series of science fiction-superhero adventure.

A 35,000 word novella

Escape Book Trailer

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Escape on Sale 02/16/12



Escape Cover Announced

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Here it is, the cover to Escape, Book 1 in the Omega series of novellas. I am literally blown away with it. I think it’s a great image that harkens back to a time  when science fiction was fun and exciting.

What is Escape, you ask? Well, stay tuned for upcoming details. But I will tell you it involves aliens, superheros, gene splicing and the army. Curiosity piqued yet? If you’re really curious, sign up for the newsletter and I guarantee that you will find out how to get your hands on it before anyone else!

Now, back to the cover. Designed by Steve Wands, who can be found at it’s as good as I hoped for and Steve is now at the top of my list for people I owe BIG!

A little about Steve Wands:

STEVE WANDS is the author of the STAY DEAD series of short stories, collections, and novels (STAY DEAD, GRAVEYARD, KINGS OF THE CASTLE, THE STRANGER, etc.). Many of his titles have hit Amazon’s 100 best selling lists for their respective categories.

He is currently hard at work on the second novel in the STAY DEAD series, a new collection and a promising collaboration with an indie publishing heavyweight. For 2012 he plans to release a new short story every month.

Steve lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. When he’s not writing he’s lettering Comic Books and Graphic Novels for DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, and Random House on titles like Batman, Green Lantern, Scalped, American Vampire, The Rinse, Malignant Man, Ice Age, WordGirl, Mardock Scramble and–coming soon–Jeff Lemire’s The Underwater Welder.

I’ve also got a link right here for his Amazon page, where you can pick up some really great stuff, not least of which is The Devil Gave Me a Gun, which was co-written with yours truly.



In closing, keep an eye out in the next few days for details about Escape and, if you’re so inclined, sign up for the newsletter. No SPAM, No Bacn (pronounced Bacon, really is a word, I promise–which is better than SPAM but still frustrating) , just ways to get some great content on the cheap and sometimes on the free. Hey we all like free don’t we?

Escape Teaser Trailer

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The Government Lied.
Discover the truth:


The Devil Gave Me a Gun now on sale

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The Devil Gave Me a Gun, by Steve Wands and Keith Latch is now available on as a Kindle download. Steve is a great writer and I’m very proud to be sharing a byline with him. We had a lot of fun writing this and I hope the reader will have just as much fun! It’s a great little ominous story and I think if you take a chance, you’ll really enjoy it.

Here’s the cover art:

And here’s a little about it:

Suicide. Sometimes, it’s the only way out. Sometimes, it’s only a trap.

The Devil works in mysterious ways. Just how mysterious, a young man finds out after doing the unthinkable.

Now, unsure if he’s blessed with a curse or cursed with a blessing, he exists between the living and the undead.

As the full power of darkness is realized in a simple inanimate object, he tries to make sense of the horror that is now his life…but evil has other plans.



So head on over to Amazon and download the sample, if you like it, pick it up. It’ll set you back less than a cup of coffee.

Horror Stories: A Macabre Collection by Steve Wands (A treasure of horror goodness)

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I’m not much of a promoter, I’ll admit. Never had much interest in it actually. But I am a reader, and when I do stumble across something I really, really, really like, I want to tell people about it. So here goes:

There’s a very talented author by the name of Steve Wands, who has several outstanding titles available. For the moment: I want to talk about Horror Stories: A Macabre Collection, which by the way is free on at the moment and you can get it right HERE

Allow me to tell you a little about it…

{From the Amazon product page}

This macabre collection of horror stories features creatures from all walks of the genre. From fast-paced flash fiction tales of witches, weirdos, and demons to the longer stories of survival among the living dead and killer cars. If you like your horror in the vein of Tales From the Crypt and Creepshow, than look no further.

Stories include:

From The Page
Of Dust and Dirt
The Seed
The Beast
Old Flames Burn Just the Same
Traveling Terrors
Tunnel Rats
Hell Comes for the Hurried
Kaleidoscope Eyes
TV Casualty
The Last Broadcast
The Car

I have a weakness for short stories. I enjoy collections and I absolutely love anthologies. I love movies Creepshow, both 1 and 2 and while I’ve looked there haven’t been all that many great short story collections out there that can compete with movies like that. Sure, I loved Night Shift and Skeleton Crew by Stephen King but after you’ve read those, looking for others is well…difficult. Horror Stories, from the start is an engaging and macabre read. It contains some short and flash fiction that go a long way into saying that storytelling is not dead. It’s creepy, it’s despicable and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. My personal favorites are Shelter,
Tunnel Rats,TV Casualty and The Car, but they are all great. It’s a literal treasure trove of good stories and I highly recommend it for something to take your mind off the horrors of the real world and delve into the darkness of fiction for a while.


…what are you waiting for???

Get Horror Stories: A Macabre Collection right freaking now! And go now while it’s free!

…but between you and I, it’s well worth paying for

The One Law, available for Free for A Limited Time

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Carson Wallace is an agent for the STEA, Space and Time Enforcement Agency. Carson’s, who’s from a long line of law enforcement officer’s, grew up not knowing his father. Having wanting nothing but a home with family his entire life, when he’s given the chance to change that, we find that what we think our heart yearns the most for, may not be what we really want in the end.

Get it now from Smashwords for Free Here


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