Cover Reveal–Cemetery Things the Reissued and Revised Edition

Finally, I have a cover I love for my short novel, Cemetery Things. My second most popular novel of all my readers and my #1 title among horror readers.

This novel has a heck of history behind it. Originally published (my first published novel sans self-publishing) by Champagne Books in 2008, it received a great response even though it was my publisher’s first horror novel. In 2011, after parting ways with my small press publisher, I put this out as an eBook on all digital platforms. However, that copy has some editing errors that I should’ve cleaned up beforehand. Before I got the chance to correct the ‘script, I took a break from both writing and publishing.

Now, getting back in the game, I wanted to give readers what they deserve, a book written as well as I could, and as clean in terms of editing as possible. Now, as I prepare to release the new edition, I have commissioned a new cover from The Cover Collection. If you’re in the market for a book cover, you could do much worse than checking these guys out!

So, enjoy the new image and get ready for the reincarnated version of Cemetery Things, which, you are warned, is not for the faint of heart.



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