Cover Reveal for Rogue: Omega Book 2…Finally

For those patient, kind, incredibly intelligent…and did I mention patient, readers of my science fiction/superhero series Omega, here, in all it’s glory is the cover reveal for Book 2, Rogue.

The long-awaited follow-up to Escape: Omega Book 1. The Kindle #1 Superhero Bestseller.

The government lied.

A UFO did, in fact, crash land in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947. Quickly intercepted by the US military, the unidentified flying object and its occupants were whisked away to secret installations.

In 1985, after almost forty years of research, a successful splice of alien and human DNA is achieved. Omega is born.

And he’s escaped. Gone Rogue. A human/alien hybrid that has no idea where he fits into our world. He searches out his origins, wishes nothing more than to be left alone.

However, he is not only the project derived from the captured spacecraft.

In a small laboratory secreted somewhere in the U.S. a program has been hard at work developing weapons and military applications but when the man that is ordered to apprehend Omega decides to use them to his advantage, Omega must decide to save his adopted world or watch it burn.

OMEGA_Book Two-page-001


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