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The One Law, available for Free for A Limited Time

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Carson Wallace is an agent for the STEA, Space and Time Enforcement Agency. Carson’s, who’s from a long line of law enforcement officer’s, grew up not knowing his father. Having wanting nothing but a home with family his entire life, when he’s given the chance to change that, we find that what we think our heart yearns the most for, may not be what we really want in the end.

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Sleepwalker, only 99 cents, for the Kindle and Nook

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Now get Sleepwalker, the novella at a reduced price! For $.99, get this dark, grisly story and read it within sixty seconds!


Here’s a little about the story:


Night after night, beautiful young women are murdered in the city of Memphis, home of the blues. The police have no clues and it all comes down to Detective Renee Juliard, a tough, gritty woman not very well liked among her colleagues, to save the city from the fear that continues to build like an enraged hurricane.

Tim Seale, a happily-married newspaper editor, is having trouble sleeping. Morning after morning, however, he awakes with his clothing damaged and sometimes even blood on his hands. As he begins his own, private investigation, he learns things he wish he hadn’t.


When Tim Seale closes his eyes, Evil awakes.



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So, what are you still doing here? Get over there now and drop that 99 cents. I mean what else can you get for a buck? A hamburger from McDonald’s? This book won’t give you heartburn and the nightmares will last long after the you’ve read the book!

Thank You

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I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has taken the time to stop and download content. The books that are available as free downloads are also available in trade paperback. Sleepwalker, my newest release is available as a digital work from,, and you can also purchase Sleepwalker in paperback from

I hope my stories bring you hours and hours of enjoyment.